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Gotopless Zoom Summit 2021 - Uncover the cover up about topless rights
23 Aug 2021 : 22:32
Gotopless invites you to its second annual Zoom Summit, Sunday August 29 at 8 pm (EDT) / 5 pm (PDT)

Lawyers, activists, sexologists, artists discuss TOPLESS EQUALITY in 2020 in Int. Gotopless Zoom conference
25 Aug 2020 : 04:31
Los Angeles, Aug 24 - On Aug 26, 2020, the international women's organization, GoTopless, will celebrate the 100th anniversary of Women's Equality Day in a historical public zoom conference that will gather lawyers, activists, sexologists, and artists to discuss TOPLESS EQUALITY in 2020. 

Gotopless Zoom Conference - Discussing Topless Rights in 2020
18 Aug 2020 : 23:42
In honor of this year's 100th anniversary of women's equality day celebrated on Wed, August 26 (ratification of the 19th amendment in the USA: Aug

GoTopless 2019 in Paris, France
01 Sep 2019 : 09:40
Gotopless took place on Paris Plage this year, just like last year where we were able to match for a whole 32 minutes before being stopped by the police...

GoTopless celebrates 12th anniversary with parades in NY City and Venice Beach, CA
23 Aug 2019 : 12:23
Las Vegas, Aug 21—The women's organization, GoTopless—established in 2007—continues to lead the fight for gender topless equality with its 12th edition of GoTopless Day on Aug 25 in honor of Women’s Equality Day

GoTopless embraces G7 ‘gender equality’ agenda on GoTopless Day and demands Equal Topless Rights be enforced all Western Democracies
25 Jul 2019 : 20:30
 New York City, Aug 19 - The women's organization, GoTopless embraces the timely ‘gender equality’ agenda proposed by the G7 during their summit in Biarritz, France on Aug 25 as the 7 nations leaders announced their intention ‘to make equality between women and men a major global cause’

11th annual GoTopless Day, Aug 26: Constitutional Gender Topless Equality means “all or none”.
21 Aug 2018 : 12:27
The 11th annual GoTopless Day will take place in cities across the US, Canada and worldwide on August 26 in commemoration of Women Equality Day (the passing of the 19th amendment).

In Canada, human mammals struggle with breastfeeding instinct in public and nipple equality in their species
20 Apr 2018 : 01:20
Vancouver, April 19, 2018 – At the end of March, Serah Small, a 24-year-old Alberta hockey player, made National news because she breastfed her baby in the locker room during a hockey tournament in Grand Prairie, Alberta

Gotopless activist files a petition in U.S. Supreme Court
19 Mar 2018 : 02:54
Chicago, IL - March 19 - On March 12, 2018, after 4 years of inconclusive court battles, Sonoko Tagami, member of the woman's organization GoTopless has filed a petition in the U.S
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