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French Police arrests GoTopless women about to exercise their topless right
11 Jul 2012 : 10:14
(Communique de presse en francais sous cet article)

Facebook censors GoTopless statue of liberty
04 Jul 2012 : 12:40
Facebook notorious for censoring nudity took down this art rendering of the statue of liberty!! Shame

Photo of Rihanna exercising her topless rights in NYC banned from Facebook page
30 Jun 2012 : 12:21
Photo of Rihanna exercising her topless rights in NYC banned from Facebook page; to hold Aug. 26 rallies to secure women’s topless rights
Female nipple banned at US art festivals!
20 Apr 2012 : 16:45
Artists, stand up for your rights! No to banning the female nipple from art displays in Art Festivals! Join us for Go-Topless Day 2012 and freely display your Art!

Thousands join GoTopless protest in Asheville, NC in Aug 2011
29 Aug 2011 : 14:49
Note that GoTopless Day in Asheville this year will be Aug 26, 2012 from 1-3 PM Pack Square

2011 GoTopless News Coverage
19 Aug 2011 : 18:01
A Selection of News Coverage from Around the Globe

Press release: GoTopless Aug 21, 2011 is National GoTopless Day
18 Aug 2011 : 06:57 summons all men in America to cover their chests in the name of equal rights!

Obama Proclaims Aug 26, Women's Equality Day
17 Aug 2011 : 16:43
see his 2011 Proclamation below

GoTopless supports Slut Walk
04 Jul 2011 : 01:19
Are women "sluts" because they stand for their Topless rights ???

Is it sinful for a woman to go topless in public?
19 Jun 2011 : 04:13
Some people have been writing to GoTopless concerned that our Organization's constitutional claim is blasphemy because the female body was not meant to be exposed in public according to god's law
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