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For its 10th anniversary, GoTopless organization celebrates a decade of legal accomplishments (uncensored)

LAS VEGAS, Aug. 22 - While Gotopless event organizers are getting ready for their multiple marches scheduled next Saturday throughout North America and Europe, it is also time to reflect  on their success in fighting for gender topless equality since 2007, inspiring women worldwide to stand up for that right. For each of its 10 years, the organization has held annual GoTopless Day events on August 26 to honor Women's Equality Day commemorating the passing of the 19th Amendment.
Nadine Gary, President of GoTopless said that the Gotopless organization was founded in 2007 following Phoenix Feeley's successful court case against New York City. 
“She had been wrongfully arrested for going topless in public,” Gary explained. “It’s been legal for women to go topless in New York State since 1992, so Phoenix sued and won.” 
Upon learning of the case, international spiritual leader and gender equality advocate Maitreya Rael initiated GoTopless, saying, “As long as men are allowed to go topless in public, either women should have the same constitutional right or men should also have to wear something to hide their chests.”
Soon after its launch, GoTopless triggered a wave of topless activism in the United States.
“We raised awareness about our constitutional right to equal gender topless equality and challenged the old Judeo-Christian patriarchal values,” said Gary, who is also a Raelian Guide.
33 of the 50 United States are now legally topless for both men and women, and Gary said GoTopless played a role in determining that total.
“Our Tagami vs the City of Chicago legal case, is about to reach the Supreme Court and will finally establish the constitutionality of going topless for females on the basis of gender equality nationwide.”
Still, more remains to be done, Gary said.
“A number of U.S. cities, including Los Angeles and Venice Beach, Calif.; Ocean City, Md.; Fort Collins, Co.; and Springfield, Ms., are trying to​ pass or have passed​ unconstitutional ordinance against female toplessness in spite of state laws allowing it,” she pointed out.
GoTopless members and others are challenging the ordinances in court.
Abroad, in Canada, GoTopless forced the government of Ontario, a legally topless province, to modify its legal clause to include beaches and parks previously banned for topless women." remarks Gary
Throughout Western Europe, GoTopless uncovered blatant gender discrimination in countries where topless equality seemed firmly established like France, Germany or Sweden.
“Judeo-Christian morality seems to take precedent over gender equality in most Western democracies and more than ever, while all kinds of discrimination are roaring, we must continue to relentlessly challenge them in court and with our chest out, at least on August 26”. Gary concludes

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Paris Jackson invited as guest speaker for NYC Gotopless Day event

LAS VEGAS, Aug. 14 – This year, the organization GoTopless celebrates its 10th anniversary of fighting for equal gender topless equality under the U.S. Constitution. GoTopless was initiated in 2007 by international spiritual leader Rael.

In a statement released today, Rael said, “Prudish Americans are shocked by breasts, yet they’re not shocked by what they create with their infinite wars and bombings. They’re the real barbarians!”

And in a recent interview about equal topless rights, he declared that most world problems today stem from guilt-laden Judeo-Christian values that have been generating frustration and violence for centuries.

 “We’ve invited Paris Jackson to be guest speaker for our Gotopless Day event in New York City on August 26,” said Raelian Guide Nadine Gary, president of GoTopless.  “We want to share her healthy, holistic approach on going topless to counter those outmoded, body-shaming Judeo-Christian values. GoTopless stands for gender equality, harmony, respect, and freedom of choice.”

She said members of her organization were very moved by some recent pictures of Jackson.

 “In those images, she appeared topless before a statue of Buddha, and the pictures were accompanied by wholesome comments about going topless and spirituality,” Gary explained. “In fact, Ms. Jackson’s views harmonize completely with our Raelian philosophy. Rael has explained that a go-topless cultural revolution is necessary for the emancipation for humanity. It’s a way to feel closer to the planet, the environment and the universe, thereby bringing the peace that’s so crucial for today’s bleak international situation.” 

Gary pointed out that going topless in public is legal for both men and women in New York City.

“We therefore expect no interference in our organization’s planned events there,” Gary said.  “Following our GoTopless Day Parade in honor of Women’s Equality Day, we hope to hear a compelling speech from Ms. Jackson in Bryant Park.”

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Topless Equality challenges U.S. courts on GoTopless 10th anniversary (uncensored)

LAS VEGAS, Aug. 9 – On Aug 26, the organization GoTopless will celebrate its 10th anniversary of fighting for constitutional topless equality. Its activism has sparked significant court cases.

“We pose the politically incorrect question: Is gender equality applicable to women's nipples in 21st Century society or or will Judeo-Christian values dictate legislation concerning women's bodies? said Nadine Gary, GoTopless President and Raelian Priestess “The right to go topless was granted to men 80 years ago.

She said a key topless equality case is now before the courts: Tagami vs the city of Chicago.

“After 3 years, we’re nearing the appeal date at the Supreme Court,” Gary explained. “The case involves Gotopless activist Sonoko Tagami, who was in court in 2014 after going topless on Chicago's North Beach.”

Tagami is represented by Chicago attorney Joel Flaxman.

On June 12, Flaxman said, “We’re still awaiting a ruling in the appeal as to whether Tagami’s protest for topless equality is protected by the [US] Constitution. We’re heartened that similar challenges are being made across the country.”

Gary said three additional cases challenging topless gender discrimination prove the necessity for a Supreme Court ruling.

“One case is in an early stage, with topless activist, Anni Ma suing the city of Los Angeles,” she said.  “And on February 21 in Colorado, District Court Judge R. Brooke Jackson granted an injunction to halt a Fort Collins ordinance prohibiting women from showing breasts in public. He said the ordinance discriminated against women and perpetuated stereotypes sexualizing female breasts. That case involved topless activist Brit Hoagland.”

Gary said the third additional case is in Ocean City, Md., where the city council passed an emergency ordinance on June 10 to prevent women from going topless​.  In response, the office of the Attorney General of Maryland issued a letter of support referring to the United States VS Biocic that stated:  ​

"The important government interest is the widely recognized one of protecting the moral sensibilities of that substantial segment of society that still does not want to be exposed willy-nilly to public displays of various portions of their fellow citizens' anatomies that traditionally in this society have been regarded as erogenous zones. These still include (whether justifiably or not in the eyes of all) the female, but not the male, breast. "

“We’ll continue to denounce this discriminatory "moral sensibility​" both here in the US and internationally,"  Gary concluded.  "We won't stop until we achieve gender topless equality.​"


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