Paris Jackson invited as guest speaker for NYC Gotopless Day event

LAS VEGAS, Aug. 14 – This year, the organization GoTopless celebrates its 10th anniversary of fighting for equal gender topless equality under the U.S. Constitution. GoTopless was initiated in 2007 by international spiritual leader Rael.

In a statement released today, Rael said, “Prudish Americans are shocked by breasts, yet they’re not shocked by what they create with their infinite wars and bombings. They’re the real barbarians!”

And in a recent interview about equal topless rights, he declared that most world problems today stem from guilt-laden Judeo-Christian values that have been generating frustration and violence for centuries.

 “We’ve invited Paris Jackson to be guest speaker for our Gotopless Day event in New York City on August 26,” said Raelian Guide Nadine Gary, president of GoTopless.  “We want to share her healthy, holistic approach on going topless to counter those outmoded, body-shaming Judeo-Christian values. GoTopless stands for gender equality, harmony, respect, and freedom of choice.”

She said members of her organization were very moved by some recent pictures of Jackson.

 “In those images, she appeared topless before a statue of Buddha, and the pictures were accompanied by wholesome comments about going topless and spirituality,” Gary explained. “In fact, Ms. Jackson’s views harmonize completely with our Raelian philosophy. Rael has explained that a go-topless cultural revolution is necessary for the emancipation for humanity. It’s a way to feel closer to the planet, the environment and the universe, thereby bringing the peace that’s so crucial for today’s bleak international situation.” 

Gary pointed out that going topless in public is legal for both men and women in New York City.

“We therefore expect no interference in our organization’s planned events there,” Gary said.  “Following our GoTopless Day Parade in honor of Women’s Equality Day, we hope to hear a compelling speech from Ms. Jackson in Bryant Park.”


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