Gotopless Zoom Summit 2021 - Uncover the cover up about topless rights

Gotopless invites you to its second annual Zoom Summit, Sunday August 29 at 8 pm (EDT) / 5 pm (PDT)

This, not-to-be-missed, revolutionary venue, will feature an international panel of entertaining yet profoundly touching speakers such as activists, authors, a life coach for topless activists, comedians, scientists, religious leaders  who will share their life experience, their passion, their expertise to allow gender topless equality to become a natural and legal act in our society as mandated by the constitutions of our Western democracies.

Whatever your gender, get ready for a healthy stretch of consciousness during this exciting conference co-hosted by 2 super savvy and funny GoTopless activits: Florence Laudoyer (USA) and Karen Heaven (Australia).

See our full panel of speakers below




Panel of speakers:


  Nadine Gary, GoTopless President


 Kristen, Gotopless activist - Her first topless protest, a challenging journey for breasts and mind


 Lia, GoTopless activist - Growing confidence through standing up for topless rights


  Leslie Lehr, author of A Boob’s Life: How America’s Obsession shaped Me… and You


 Chelsea Chavis, breast painter, stand up comedian, puppeteer - boobs take center-stage


 Scott Catamas, Love Coach -  Practicing compassionate understanding in an equal topless world


 David Dunnsmore, GoTopless activist - how to be a gentleman around women exercising their topless rights


 Dr. Natalia Morais, PhD in Physics - Freeing one's breasts is good for the intellect.


 Nadia Salois, Raelian Female Priest - Topless rights with a 21st century religion narrative


  Fire Femi Action,  Korean Topless Activists - Their victory against Korea Facebook censorship


 Layla Maddison, GoTopless Leader Australia - gender exploring: growing female breasts while retaining male nipple priviledges (even on Facebook)


 Katrina Brees, artist and activist - Successfully passing a topless equality bill through state legislature without being arrested.


Summit curators:


 Karen, actress and GoTopless Activist


 Florence, Rapid Transformational Therapist GoTopless Activist




















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