Dr Diana Blaine, USC professor, harrassed

Gotopless.org and Raelian Movement would like to send their support and congratulations to Dr. Diana Blaine following the “earth shattering” news that this USC professor posted topless pictures of her, on her website.

“So what does it matter that she is a USC college professor? She is a woman who loves and respects herself. She has had the courage to liberate herself from the pressures and taboos of a society that equates nudity with shame.
Where do these taboos come from? When a woman is taught from birth that she has only one asset, her looks, she will then naturally compare herself to the image of the “perfect woman” on TV, billboards and magazines, then it is no wonder that her self image will be one of dislike – even contempt for herself. Then when a college professor comes along who is comfortable with her own body, the public can have only one reaction – one of shock and contempt…and maybe for some women a bit of jealousy that this woman has freed herself from the rules of a male dominated society..

The US claims to be the “enlightened and liberated” country unlike any other in the world when, in fact, this is not the case at all. All throughout Europe one would see topless women on every beach, many TV commercials, magazines and billboards. In the end, the US is a society only slightly more advanced than the countries where women are forced to wear a burka – in order that no other man will be tempted by them. What better way to keep one’s property?!

Men would benefit from more femininity, refinement, gentleness. It is men who centuries ago made women “property” to be bought and sold. Western religion has kept women as second class citizens who were only granted the right to vote in recent history. We are only slightly ahead of the times when a dowry was expected to be given to a husband for “taking the woman off the father’s hands”. Are we more free than 5,000 years ago? Barely! But we are not yet free, as there is no such thing as “partly free”.

The Raelian Movement, the atheistic religion which perfectly merges science and spirituality, itself has women priests who themselves have posed for Playboy. The love of one’s body is absolutely necessary in order to love oneself. The mind and body are one, indivisible. The Awakening Seminars taught by The Prophet Rael have helped thousands of people to start this process of realization and these people are living examples of happiness thanks to self love – self love being the first necessary step for truly loving others.
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