WJLA broadcasts uncensored breast self exam

Today, WJLA made the headlines because it showed a topless young woman do a self exam of her breasts, a procedure that helps detect cancer at an early stage, without her nipples being blurred on camera. The news segment aired at prime time... when... children could be watching this health related story and be traumatized by the view of the young lady's nipples. Gotopless can understand how far more traumatizing that sight would be than losing one's mother or sister to breast cancer. Our society certainly has a strange way of viewing children and adolescents' psychology!

The TV network timed their piece to favor their ratings. And so, a scandal broke out!

At Gotopless, we did not see what the big fuss was about WJLA timing their broadcast of a non censored breast self -exam to help their ratings. ALL media do that all the time! This time, the segment was medical and educational and even shook the puritanical chord of some Americans, sparking the debate, once again, of the decency of a female breast in public! Healthy all around! That is a time when a TV station has REALLY earned its rating!!!

When going topless is acknowledged in all 50 states as our Constitution dictates, American TV networks will not have the luxury of using breasts self exams to improve their ratings! Do you think that French or German TV ratings would bulge one bit if this news piece had aired on these countries networks? Not a chance!

Please join us again next year on August 22nd 2010, the mentality of Americans as a whole is changing and the law is already on our side.


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