A woman's inspiring testimony after attending GoTopless rally

The following testimony came to us from a woman who attended one of our GoTopless Rallies on Aug 26, 2012.

"I awoke this morning at 2AM with a beautiful speech in my mind that I had wished I could have expressed yesterday. The beautiful leader looked at me yesterday and said that I looked like I had something to say and handed me the microphone and I could not get it out. Here it is....And I am sure I will have more to express later and very much want to be a part of the march next year!!

When I was 18, I was extremely conscience of my chest. I had and still have small boobs. Yesterday showed me that ALL boobs are beautiful and to feel that my boobs were amazing was empowering! BUT WAIT! All those years covering my small breasts with padded bras because I felt it would help me get a better job or a better man....and so forth...........Why? Because we cover them up.
It pains me so much that for so many years I felt I was not good enough and I let many opportunities go BECAUSE I had small breasts. In my mind that was what I needed to move ahead in life. How horrible........

My boyfriend told me yesterday that it was at first thrilling to see boobies and then it got less thrilling and his eyes moved away from the breasts and he felt calm and happy to just be around beautiful people and of course beautiful and happy liberated women!!

After yesterday I was completely empowered to finish my book and be successful without the padded bra!!!! Please contact me and let me be a part of the team. I want to learn more about the GoTopless movement.
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