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Posted by nadine
Monday 22 September 2008 - 21:29:45

August 25, 2008

Topless Day in Central Park

National Go Topless Day was held over the weekend, and protesters were out in full force in and around Central Park to fight for their rights to be topless in public. Of course, in New York it is legal--in 1992 the NY State Appeals Court ruled that women have the right to go topless, just like men. The Empire State ladies were merely marching in support of the women who get fined, humiliated and arrested around the nation. Some of the picket signs read: "Shame is Lethal, Go Top Free & Be Healthy," "Breasts Are No Longer Indecent in NY," and of course the 'ol standy, "Free Your Breasts, Free Your Mind."

As the founder of, Rael, put it: "as long as men can be topless, constitutionally women should have the same right, or men should also be forced to wear something hiding their chest." Amen, sister. (You've been warned: these images are NSFW!)

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