News Item: Gotopless in Columbus, OH 2009
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Friday 26 December 2008 - 02:09:00

Columbus is a very special place for women. In 1998, a OH supreme court judge ruled that female breasts were not indecent in public because breasts are not part of a woman's genitalia. Women really want to thank the judge for making this important anatomical distinction, we were doubting for a moment! Well many states are still not clear about this... That is part of the reason why Columbus women need to exercise their right, so in neighboring states, women find the courage to also challenge this ridiculous law.Sunday August 23 2009 was a true success,

Columbus Ohio woke UP to what it means to exercise their Top-free rights when appeared at this years COMFEST (Community Festival). In a city where women have won, but seldom exercise their right to be topless - it was a joy to see so many stopping by our booth, for information and for INSPIRATION!! By many reports there were many more topless women at this year's Comfest than in years past :-) and we hope it was due to our presence and our own happiness in being top-free !!! Inexpensive paints picked up at a local dollar store - and the relative privacy of our booth provided some with the delight and courage to paint each other in a variety of wonderful colorfly shapes and designs! For many this was the first step toward enjoying their top-freedom! Mothers and daughters, girlfriends, partners ... all gathered at our tent to try their hand at creating boobie flowers, stars, sun's, moons... all setting FREE their beautiful 'bazoomz' :-) !!!! Also at the festival was an action organized for nursing mothers, allowing them an opportunity to have a 'nurse-in' ... we found our sisters in top-freedom also appearing at our tent with their babies and it was so lovely to welcome them into our shade while their little ones had lunch :) Form - Beauty and Function - We were impressed at the incredible women we met during our three days at Comfest. Often we barely had a place to stand at our booth :) and with nursing moms, painting and passionate discussions about being top-free - it was truly form, beauty and function all in action XXX For those who made the few comments to us which allowed us to see their limited understanding of top freedom - we felt an even greater connection to our sisters and their friends who supported them - being FREE and loving their bodies - as we should -Thank you to ALL who supported our presence in Columbus this past weekend - and LOOK for us again on August 23rd and we tickle each other and those around us with top-freedom!!!-- Carla WatsonNBC4i news report: Topless At Comfest: Take It Off Or Leave It On?By MARCUS THORPE

Anchor, ReporterPublished: June 24, 2009COLUMBUS, Ohio—It is legal for a woman to go topless in Columbus. And every year some choose to use that right at Community Festival (Comfest). This year, is using the Comfest platform to encourage more women to lose the top. Some parents say they will keep their families away because of what they could see, while others are using the opportunity to show others they believe there is nothing to hide. Lauren Damon is a new mother, and is organizing a nurse-in for mothers to be able to breastfeed in public. Her group will set up at Goodale Park this weekend during Comfest to try and breakdown stigmas associated with breastfeeding. Some are more understanding of mothers nursing, while saying they are not comfortable with women showing their breasts just because they can. Others say if a man can go topless, so can women.Comment from GoTopless: Our constitution will have the last word ... yes, changes brought thanks to our constitution can be disturbing. Overcoming segregation laws was very disturbing to some people, some families in the 1960's (depending on the values they were raised with).In this case, it maybe difficult to face the constitutional right of women to go bare breasted in public because one was raised with puritanical values. And yet, that too will become a natural part of our daily lives one day. In Europe, women baring their breasts on public beaches are not even payed attention to anymore while whole families go to the beach! For the last 40 years, European children have not had any side effect from seeing bare breasts in public.As generations pass, animosity ineluctably dies down and constitutional freedoms are fully embraced. In the process, we can kick and scream or reason it out with ourselves, with our families and enjoy the inescapable change (because it is constitutional) that our society is passing through at this time and age.

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